I haven’t gotten much done on my book in the last week. I did finish my initial selection of pictures, but I haven’t yet reviewed them with my first reader (Ambrose). So I need to get that done, and then I can start working on the hard part: captions. 

I don’t know why I consider that such a hard part. I suppose it’s less hard than it is time consuming. But once I get all the pictures ready for placement, everything will go very fast. I know that from experience. What lies ahead of me is a lot of nitpicky work, but it’s relatively simple work. 

It just requires me to actually sit down and do it. 

This book definitely isn’t being published before the end of the year, but I want to get it mostly completed over my winter break. I do enjoy having an extended time off between Christmas and New Years, even if we are required to use vacation time for some of the days. It should give me plenty of time to get this done. I just need to make sure that I actually do it. 

Butt in chair! I just might have to block out time on my calendar to make sure I get a little done every day. Hopefully, once I get a little done, I’ll be inclined to keep going and power through to finishing. 

Though I won’t be finished once I finish, since I have another book to write and publish. But that one will be a lot shorter, so I believe I can get it all done well before next backpacking season. 

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