Recently, we had a department retreat at work. Most of it was very work related, but we also had a fun activity at the end. We made succulent arrangements.

People sometimes ask me if I have any pets, and I respond with, “I have a cactus.” That’s partly for the joke, but also because that’s really as much of a pet as I want to have. Well, as much of one as I can allow myself to want to have. Sure, I’d love to have a cat or a dog, but I’m allergic to both of those. Oh, or a ferret! But I’m pretty much allergic to all things furred, so I have a cactus.

I knew this succulent arrangement activity was coming, and so my mind was on cacti. And I finally decided that my cactus at home needed a name.

Leelu Cactus Multipass is now the name of my husband and I’s cactus, and a fine name it is.

So, naturally, when we did our arrangements, I was thinking of naming my new cacti as well. I picked two small cacti, and a jade plant that ended up being two separate stalks that I planted apart. The jade plants still don’t have names, but the cacti have been christened Mr. and Mrs. Prickles. They are now sitting on my windowsill at work, enjoying partial sun and the company of one of my co-worker’s succulent arrangement.

Photo from the planting of Mr. and Mrs. Prickles. 

The new, albeit temporary, home, of Mr. and Mrs. Prickles. 

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