We knew that there had to be some lings on the way, because the ducks were visiting in smaller numbers and tended to be separated by sex – males coming in bunches and then females coming in bunches. What we didn’t expect was that our sole pair of visiting geese would be the bringers of the season’s first set of lings.

We’ve learned caution from the ducks, so Ambrose’s first picture was through the blinds. 

But the geese have always been a bit bolder, less inclined to run from scary things happening inside the apartment. 

For once, I’m glad the geese were not easy to scare away, because I wasn’t here to witness the cuteness. 

If I had been home, I would have tried to get some up close zoom pictures of the adorable little goslings. 

Alright, I suppose Ambrose did a pretty good job getting those lings. So cute!

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