Last year, I didn’t participate in the CrossFit Open because I had to take some time away from going in order to save up enough money to start again. When I restarted, I wasn’t as strong and I just doubted myself. So I didn’t do it. I completely avoided it, not even going in on Fridays since my gym did the open for the WOD.

This year, I wasn’t going to do it because I had taken a couple months off of CrossFit to try and stop feeling so ill. Before I took the time off, I was able to put together two or three consecutive toes to bar. After, not even one. So I thought, no, not going to do it.

And then I talked with some other people who were doing it. People who, like me, were not in the ideal athletic shape. And I heard that scaled options would be offered this year, so I wouldn’t be coming home from the workout crying in frustration at not being able to do any of the movements well enough to progress.

So I signed up. I’m participating in the CrossFit Open. It helps me to think of it like entering a 5K race. I’m not signing up to win the race, or even place. I’m signing up to finish. To prove that I can perform the challenge, and to perform my own personal best.

Bonus: Arbor CrossFit knows how to party!

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