I think I must be going insane. I voluntarily let the alarm go off at 4:30 in the am on Saturday morning so that I could drag myself out of that nice, warm, cozy bed, eat breakfast and take myself on a hike up to Table Rock.

Even though I don’t strictly need to use trekking poles for this particular hike, I brought them. Rather useless on flat pavement, they sure come in handy going up the last few switchbacks to Table Rock. But that’s not the only reason I brought mine and encourage Ambrose to bring his.

I believe that one should train as one means to work. Even on flats, even on roads on my solo trip this year, I had my trekking poles and I used them. Over the long haul, they reduce impact on my knees and feet. They keep my arms engaged in the hiking when they would otherwise be doing nothing. Why would I want to train without them when I would be working with them?

Well, on Saturday, I found one reason. It’s not a very good one. 
After I finished Table Rock and climbed back down with a sore left IT band, I was headed home, walking on the sidewalk and using my trekking poles just a little, to move my arms and help keep me going. I wanted to beat 3 hours, and I also didn’t want to check my time until I was at the door, so I tried to keep my pace up. 
An old man was walking on the sidewalk approaching me, so I lifted my poles so the ends lifted up behind me. In my mind, I was being courteous so as not to seem like I was going to stab his foot as I walked by. I don’t know what on earth was going on in his mind when he decided to mock my trekking poles as we passed each other. 
He made these gestures with his arms, faking the movement one would make with trekking poles and gave me a look like I was just such a fucking funny joke. 
I was not amused. 
But I also didn’t say anything. I didn’t tell him that mocking women was not the way to get positive attention. I didn’t put on an air of concern and ask him what was wrong, was he having a seizure perhaps? Did he need an ambulance? 
No, I had a time to beat, so I walked on and I stewed. 
So that’s a reason. 
But it won’t stop me from training as I mean to continue. 

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