Ambrose is still working his way through my longer story. I guess I can forgive him, because he’s helped me prepare for my solo trip instead of reading. And he did get started on it. But I really want to know his opinion.

I’m writing to entertain myself, but I’m also writing to entertain him. He’s my first reader, and I trust his opinion. If he told me that I shouldn’t publish something, then I wouldn’t. If he tells me that I should, then it’s going to go up, no matter how nervous I feel about it or what I think of the work.

I’m not creating as much work as I wanted to with my current challenge, but I am constantly creating. I’m writing way more than I would have without the challenge. Even though I spent a lot of time preparing for my solo trip in the couple weeks, I always made time for the fiction goal. Actually, I had to curb my fiction writing in order to make time for the solo prep.

When this posts, I’ll be on that solo trip. The third day. The plan is that I’ll be starting my shortest day of 11 miles toward Benedict Lake.

As I write this, I still feel nervous about the trip. It’s hard to believe that I’m undertaking such a long trip on my own. When I’ve told co-workers about it, I’ve gotten reactions that vary from admiration to confusion.

But the central question is, why would you do that?

And I think that I do it to answer that question. The solo hike is the question, and undertaking it is the only way to find the answer.

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