This weekend will be my first camping trip of the season. Car camping, which means I have a few more options for how I will get my writing done, but still. I’m going to be out in the woods, where there are lots of things to distract me from writing.

My husband and I plan to practice some survival skills, including trying to make fire with a bow and spindle, setting a snare and foraging for morel mushrooms. Well, the mushroom foraging isn’t really survival, but if we find any it should be delicious.

We’ll do some day hiking to see how the water levels are on our regular trails. I might finally hike over to explore the hot springs that are supposed to be near our campsite.

But the biggest distraction is just going to be being out there in the woods. The air is different there; time runs on a different clock. I will focus and get my 100 words each day I’m out there, though there’s no way I’ll be able to post blogs on it from Saturday through Tuesday. My version of camping does not include wifi.

With it being car camping, I hope to do my words on my phone. It won’t have signal, but I’ve set it up to access my documents offline. That will help me with the challenges of counting my handwritten words and then transcribing my “unique” handwriting when I get home.

I’m glad I started the streak before my camping season came into full swing. The pressure of keeping up the streak should be helpful in getting my words on the page. I’ll just need to remind my husband how important it is for me to take time away from onerous camp chores for my writing.

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