I finished up the Endings workshop, and I feel like I got some good information from it. It was a very different workshop than Depth in some ways. I mean, the structure is the same, but the homework was very different. Depth was more about practice, while Endings was about studying.

I also asked for access to the Depth workshop on the Teachable platform since I had taken that workshop before they went to that platform. I got a code to get into the July Depth workshop and I’m going to be listening to those videos again as they get released. I won’t turn the homework in for that workshop, but I just might do some of it, because I remember being pretty inspired to write when I did the workshop the first time.

I haven’t been writing fiction lately, and I’m okay with that. My focus right now is on other things; I’m adjusting to working from home, it’s backpacking season and I’ve got a wild solo trip scheduled. My mental focus is on the implementation of a new software at the office, and I don’t really have much extra.

Which is why I need to refocus writing as play. Telling stories should be fun. If it isn’t, then maybe I’m not ready to be writing stories. I’ll see how it goes with going through the Depth workshop videos again. Maybe I’ll be inspired again.

If not, I won’t worry about it. The world’s a crazy place right now. Just because I’m not writing right now doesn’t mean that I’ll never write again. If there’s a motto for 2020, it just might be “never say never” after all.

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