When I got back from my travels, I came down with a sinus infection. This was not entirely unexpected, since I had been living with cats for 6 full days, and I am quite allergic to them. I was pretty pleased to have been able to get through the visit with minimal allergy symptoms, but I was punished for petting the kitties when I got home. 

So, I’ve got a sinus infection, but Ambrose wants to go out and do our first day hike of the season out by Sheep Creek. I still want to get out into the woods, even if I wasn’t up for a day hike, so I hauled out my camping chair for the Saturday trip. 

We woke up as early as if I were going to 5 am CrossFit, but rather than doing that (which I couldn’t even do, because the first Saturday class is 7 am) we got ready to go out camping. Ambrose made breakfast, and I did my best to get out the door before my tardiness got annoying. I mostly succeeded! 

Though it was dark when we started out, by the time we got the dam the sun was high enough in the sky to provide light – though not quite above our horizon. 

Water levels are pretty low right now, but not the lowest I’ve ever seen – there’s still a buoy or two touching the surface of the water.

As we drove on, we saw a good number of cars already camped out at the beaches and campsite along the road. Twin Springs looked to have some customers. Every time I go by there, I think about renting one of the cabins one of these days just so I can use those hot springs that I’ve never really gotten a good look at. 

Massive group of vehicles on the beach (mostly RVs and trucks).

The sun starting to creep above the horizon.

Before long, we arrived at the trailhead campsite. I chose the spot nearest the water; Ambrose parked the car. Then he was off to hike a couple miles, and I tried to find a way to stay warm. 

Walking to the trailhead to see Ambrose off warmed me up a bit, so I decided to avoid sitting for a while and just wander around the campsite. I should have brought a trash bag and picker tool, because there was just toilet paper everywhere. I thought I might look for morel mushrooms, just for kicks, because I didn’t think there’d be any at this site. But when I wandered outside of the campground, I heard a gunshot, and I decided that my all black attire was not best suited for wandering in the woods if people were shooting. 

Back to the car! 

I dragged the old down blanket out of the car and put it on my camp chair so I could both sit on it and wrap it over myself. I was wearing fleece pants and a down jacket, but without moving around, it got really cold. And the down blanket also helped protect me from the wind. I spent most of the not quite 3 hours before Ambrose came back sitting on the chair, variously facing the sun or the water, and thinking. 

The time passed quickly for me. 

And then he was back, and we headed back home. 

One of my favorite signs – I think I like it even better with the 2 crossed out and replaced by a 4.

Not bad for the first foray of the season. Though I wish I’d been healthy enough to hike rather than sit, just being out in the woods, listening to the river and the wind, makes me happy. 

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