I got the side of the tent next to some young trees. 

Without the mesh keeping them out, the branches would have entered the tent. 

Getting out was tricky, but at least I had some snow free space. 

Ambrose’s side of the tent opened almost directly onto the snow pile. 

We headed down from Stump Lake on day 3, rather than stay another night, because we wanted to be able to get to the car early on day 4. 

Hiking through snow is hard, but I still delight in seeing mounds of snow in June. 

A melt revealed the trail. 

But the snow covered it up again. 

Okay, I was getting a little tired of the snow by this point. 

A bird egg!

Ambrose walking off in the wrong direction (as he soon figured out from the GPS). 

Ah ha! Snowless trail at last!

Not so fast… More snow here. 

Made it to the campsite about two miles from the trailhead. Plenty of time to go all the way back to the car, but where would the fun be in that? 

I am inordinately proud of this pitch. 

Ready to head out the next morning. 

I did the speed hiking, mostly because I wanted to get to the toilet. 

Some high water on the trail – good thing there’s a small bridge. 

Made it back to the car!

Usually, I like to rinse off in this creek after a trip here, but the water was way too high. 

There are usually visible rock slabs here instead of rushing water. 

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