Well, I had another couple of zero days. I was ill, and I chose to let my brain rest rather than force it to write when I was not at all ready to do so. And then I had a migraine, and I chose to sleep for 12 hours rather than make sure the writing was done. 

However, despite those setbacks, I feel good about where I am in the writing. It didn’t get done before the end of October, but I’m making steady progress. This book may be more wordy than past efforts. I’m alright with that, though I know it will make the end product more expensive. I want to tell an engaging story, and that means including discursions that add depth to the story of my experience. 

And I might ask Ambrose to be a bit harsh with the editing pen. I’m not sure if he’ll be able to execute that. Sometimes I think he likes my darlings even more than I do. 

I’m over 18,000 words in so far, and I haven’t even gotten to my second night solo. That was a tough night, not because I was alone, but because I had been wet and cold. Plus, it was a dry camp, which means I wouldn’t be drinking my fill until morning. But enough spoilers. 

Just like on that hike, I need to focus on forward motion with this book. Get the words written, select the pictures, work the pictures, create the manuscript, upload, and publish. 

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