Ambrose is working his way through a second read of my draft. On the first read through, he focused on the low hanging fruit. Things that didn’t make sense, misspellings, or wrong words. I expected some wrong words, because I typed some of the draft on my phone. I’ve gotten pretty proficient at swipe-typing on the phone, but I do miss the occasional incorrect word. 

For the second read through, he’s trying to look at the flow of the narrative, trying to make sure that everything makes sense and flows from one story to another. I like that he’s taking that approach, and I think it will enhance the final product quite nicely. 

While he’s been working his way through that, I’ve been working my way through boxes of cold medicine and tissues. I got sick hard last week and I’m still fighting my way out of it. Probably not flu or Covid, but whatever it was, it was rough. And it was something that Ambrose apparently already had antibodies for, because he barely got ill. 

Despite that, I’m over halfway through my picture plates. I need to get my distances and elevations for the chapter headers, and then the drawings of both route and elevation. Then the cover and I’m almost done. It’s going to be a close thing, whether I publish the book in 2022 or 2023, but it will get done – as long as I can keep healthy through the end of the year! Fingers crossed! 

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