For this trip, we got up at 5:15 in the morning and got ready to go, often leaving our campsite before the sun was fully up. 

Leaving the Beaver Creek campsite. 

A healthy flow in Beaver Creek. 

The forecast called for scattered thunderstorms, and the clouds looked rather ominous.

Some trail maintenance had been done since last year. 

Ambrose and I took shelter under a tree during a brief cloudburst. 

Heading back on the trail through the newly damp vegetation.

A little pack off break near the trail junction.

This year we’re taking the right up to Ramey Ridge rather than staying in Beaver Creek to Hand Creek.

This trail goes radically up. 

The switchbacks gain elevation quickly, but stay mostly in the same place while doing so. 

But at least the sun came out. 

Plenty of downed trees provided problem solving opportunities on the trail. 

I feel like I’ve been looking back at basically the same scenery all day. 

Ambrose coming up the switchbacks.

Lots of flowers on the trail in July. 

This is the site of what used to be Estep Cabin, labeled on the older maps, but not the newer ones.

Also, according to the maps, this was between me and the last chance for water. 

After making my way through the tree maze, I got to get water at this trickle. Ambrose and I got it together so it would go more quickly. 

Then we ate lunch near this old stove.

And about five minutes later, we passed this stream directly on the trail. 

Oh look, more water on the trail. 

And yet more. The maps lied to me. 

Yellow and white columbine.

Ambrose threading his way through a downed tree.

Spiky flower. 

The top of Ramey Ridge, at last. 

No sign pointing forward, but I was informed that I had come from Beaver Creek.

Ridge walking. 

Ambrose catching up. 

Getting nervous about whether we were going the right way. 

We stopped for a Spam since it was about dinner time – unlike last year when we kept pushing ourselves well past dinner and ending up quite uncomfortable.

Junction to Rock Rabbit Point.

Ambrose on the switchbacks.

More water that’s not supposed to be crossing the trail!

We got rained on before the tent was even set up. And this area had a plague of mosquitoes. But it was overall a great spot because we were closer to Chamberlain Airstrip and the tent was pitched well enough to keep out the rain.

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