A few years back, we had upstairs neighbors who appreciated that we fed birds on our stoop. They actually showed us their appreciation in a unique way. One day, we found a gift of a block of birdseed at our doorstep. It was from the upstairs; they wanted us to put it out so they could contribute to the bird gathering that they so enjoyed from their balcony. 

It was that gift that inspired Ambrose to buy another of those blocks this year as a kind of Christmas gift for our little critter friends. He remembered that the squirrels had been the ones to really start getting at that original block, but once they dug it down enough, the ducks would start getting chunks off as well. All great fun to watch, and something that I’d missed out on, since I didn’t work from home at that time. Heck, I wouldn’t have imagined back then that working at home would be a regular thing. 

The critters are definitely loving their gift. 

First, the squirrels.

Ambrose flipped the block to expose the moist parts near the bottom.

And the ducks got into the action.

But it isn’t always monopolized by ducks and squirrels.

The ducks know the bottom is softer.

But some of them like the view from up top.

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