The cold finally left me alone! I’m so happy to be getting back into running and CrossFit. It felt like I would never be well again there for a bit. I’m used to a three to four day cold, not a ten to fourteen day one. 

On Sunday, I planned for a 3 mile run. A short version of my long run. I figured it would warm up my iliotibial bands and let me know if my breathing was good enough to go to CrossFit on Monday. The weather was cold, but I dressed for it. I borrowed a warm shirt from my husband, which I wore over a tight tank top, and under a windbreaker. I put plastic bags over my socks to help keep them warm in my mesh shoes. 

The run started out well enough. I was slow, but comfortable. Breathing felt good. There wasn’t too much ice on the sidewalks. In fact, most of the sidewalks were well cleared. Only a few sections had been neglected enough to ice over, and at those points I would move over to the street (assuming the street was better) or slow down. The last thing I wanted was a fall. 

But as I ran along, I started to feel a rumbling in my gut. It was right around mile 2. I thought that it was just some cramping at first, but my body soon made it known that I needed to use the bathroom. Rather urgently, in fact. And I was still at least half a mile from home by the most direct route. I made it home before I had an accident, but that run definitely worked something loose in me. 

On Monday, I went to CrossFit for the first time in nearly two weeks. It was hard, but good. I got excited on Sunday night when the workout appeared to include my favorite weightlifting movement (the snatch), but it was a mis-post, and the actual workout was overhead or front squats. That was probably for the best, because snatches were back on for Wednesday, and it would be better for me to do snatches after having a couple days back under my weight belt. 

Tuesday was a lot of movement. Tons of burpees. Okay, I got through 80 burpees, but it felt like tons. And I did a short run during the lunch hour. The original plan was just a mile, but I felt good enough on the run to add another half mile or so and get my total run time up to 20 minutes. 

I won’t be hitting my 10 miles of running this week, but I am on track to get back on that for next week. And I might only do 4 CrossFit classes this week, just because I am still getting back to it, which means I’m pretty tired from all the extra work I’ve added to my week. 

I’m happy to be getting back in my routine.

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