I finally got back to CrossFit yesterday. The workout involved rowing and clean and jerks. I promised Ambrose that I would take it easy, considering I’ve been so sick the last couple of weeks. Not a hard promise to keep! 

It did feel good to get back to exercising, though I’m no longer used to being quite so sore. I’m easing back into it, so I skipped today. But I’m planning on going back in tomorrow. 

I hope that I can figure out a way to have a pull up bar at home some time soon. I’d love to be able to do some pull ups today even though I’m not going in for a full workout. 

Even though I went over two weeks without working out, I still had my pull ups. And while I focused on staying consistent with the row, I did find some speed in the last minutes of my sets. I kept the clean and jerks nice and light. 

But it was still a CrossFit workout, and I’m sore and tired today. 

Feels good!

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