I’ve been feeling frustrated because while the low residue diet has made me feel better in general, I’m still having mysterious abdominal pains. But I need to look on the bright side. Because there have been improvements, even if I’ve been focused on the not-improving parts.

So. I haven’t had daily nausea. I’ve actually had very little nausea since starting the low residue diet and when I do have it, it’s fleeting rather than a constant sensation that leaves me woozy and desperate to get it to stop.

I’m not in constant tummy pain. I’ve still got some pains that crop up, though I don’t think it’s all gastrointestinal pain. I can recognize when I’ve got gas pain, and, to me, it’s a particular type of pain. It feels like a balloon blowing up inside, pressure and squeezing. I also get these sharper pains, and sometimes a prickling, but those feel like they are more in my skin than my insides – like above the layer of my muscles.

There’s still frustration that I’m not losing weight. I kind of hoped that after the antibiotics I might see some weight loss. But – on the bright side – I’m no longer gaining weight. I’ll take a leveling off over a steady creep upwards. Part of that frustration is that the heavier I get, the harder body weight movements become and I don’t want to lose my pull ups. And some of my pants are getting tight to the point where I don’t want to wear them or wear them with the button undone.

I am doing overall much better than before starting the low residue diet. I just need to keep being patient and focus on the improvements.

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