I’ve been fighting one of those lingering chest colds for what feels like months now. To be honest, it’s probably been only three or four weeks. Maybe five. I might even have passed through several colds by this point, getting over one only to fall prey to another.

I’m not sure whether I’m pleased that this cold (these colds?) has not been severe. I’ve only missed one day of work because of this illness, and I’ve kept up with my pull up workouts. I only missed one run club. But if I could just be down and out sick for two, maybe three days, and then be completely over it, I just might take that bargain.

It’s frustrating to have the sickness linger, impacting my ability to workout as hard as I want to. I am so close to getting that first strict pull up, but I keep backsliding because I can’t quite catch my breath, or I’m dizzy.

And yet, despite those complaints, I have to be glad that I’m working out through whatever this crud is. I took two whole rest days on the 25th and 26th and felt downright sybaritic. Two days. When a few years ago, I wouldn’t have hesitated to avoid the gym for a week or more due to a cold. And then, I’d take it easy instead of pushing myself to keep up with my regular schedule.

Change is possible.

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