I thought I’d packed everything, but when Ambrose asked me in the car as we were driving off on Saturday morning, I said, “I’ve packed everything I’m taking.”

And, a few minutes later I had this to add: 
“I forgot the camera.”
Luckily, my current phone is able for taking some pictures, in addition to the writing duties that I put it to. It’s also a lot better at taking video, the better to record how our new tent weathered the traditional Memorial Day downpours.

Clouds and car at campsite.

More clouds the next morning.

Ambrose’s new tarp/emergency shelter.

Flowers a bloom.

Ah, the Queens River Trailhead…

Happy daisies. 

New sign at the juncture of Queens River and Little Queens River trails.

Oh, hello, Mr. Fox. 

Fearless fox.
Clouds rolling in, blocking views of distant mountains.

Deer on the road.

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