I don’t do Twitter right. I acknowledge and own this fact.

I like to scroll back and see what has been said hours, even days before the present moment, and Twitter likes to tell me that desire is wrong by sneakily refreshing back to the beginning. This might be a setting that I can fix, but I have no idea.

I guess, when people follow you, you’re supposed to follow them back, thereby building your networks mutually into large conglomerations of mutually following people (unless one is a celebrity, at which point I’m guessing the mutual follow rules no longer apply). I had one person follow and unfollow me four times in a week, trying, I suppose, to get me to follow her back.

But I only follow accounts that I want to follow because I admire them or they’re clever or I personally know them (which does not exclude my admiration for them or their cleverness).

I’ve tweeted once so far in several months of use.

I’ve got someone following me that I don’t like, and I’m still a little bitter that an old co-worker inadvertently gave her my personal email address.

I’m considering writing in my profile that I don’t want anyone to follow me, but I’m not sure that’s the best strategy.

My picture is of a pregnant chipmunk I found at Johnson Lake in the Sawtooths, and my profile simply states that I like puzzles.

I’d mention my username, but I don’t want you to follow me 😉

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