Sometimes writing down a goal can be motivation enough to start getting moving on it. I use this blog to motivate myself at times. When I know I need to start, but I don’t want to start. See, because if I say I’m going to start here, if I give myself a deadline here, then I’m accountable.

Not really to anyone but myself, but it’s enough to move the motivation meter from apathy to work.

I’m making progress on the coast write up. Over 1000 words on Monday during my lunch hour, because that’s a good time for typing. Another 1000 on Tuesday, after work because I wanted to be able to type that I did over 1000 words two days in a row here.

I’ve started on the production work for the solo hike book from May, which gets easier once I start, like so many other things. So far I’ve made initial picture selections for the first two days of the trip. After I’ve made initial selections, I’ll drag Ambrose into it to try and cull some out, and then I’ll start the captioning process.

I’ve fallen off the bandwagon on keeping track of my symptoms too. For some reason, that’s a harder one. I was doing really well on tracking for a while, and then I just got fed up with counting how many bowel movements I had per day and whether I had a headache or what I had to eat that day. But that stuff is important if I’m ever going to get a good handle on the whole IBS thing, so I guess I’ll challenge myself here for that, too.

Got to get back to tracking and keep on with the writing and production work. And with exercise; even though I’ve been doing CrossFit on the regular, I haven’t been taking my exercise release on a regular basis for nearly a month now. But by next week, I should have a new strength plan to help me get Spartan ready for next June.

It was kind of funny, the personal trainer asked me whether I was going to try doing a longer Spartan race. I had to explain that before I go beyond a sprint, I’d like to do a smaller proportion of penalty burpees. Having completed 210 of a possible 240 penalty burpees, I can see plenty of room for improvement on that front.

So I’m making progress now, if only so that I can say that I’m making progress here. A positive feedback loop.

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