Well, my streak is growing. I’ve had 1000 words a day every day since I started last Monday. It’s funny how I can get 1000 words or more per day when I’m focused on writing a particular project, but once the project ends, my writing dries right up. Of course, part of that is because I have the habit of moving on to the next part of the work for these particular projects.

Or it’s because I’m focused on backpacking during the season. That’s what ended my streak after writing up the solo hike in June.

But right now, I’m moving forward with production work for the next ICT book, which I still haven’t named, as well as writing up the coast. Plus, I’ve started to implement my Spartan plan. I had personal training over the last weekend and yesterday I started my first day of accessory work at the rec center.

So I’ve been busy… And I haven’t been as diligent in getting back to keeping track of symptoms as I’d hoped. Maybe because that’s not for public consumption, so I don’t have as much incentive. Or maybe I’m just a bit depressed about the whole thing. Drinking more milk has made some changes in how my digestive system is working. Overall, there’s more movement, which is good. But some of the of the movement is more urgent, which is not as good.

In conclusion, on Monday night, Boise was treated to some wonderful rainbows.

Taken while waiting for the light to change, so more hurried than I would have preferred.

It’s almost like you can reach out and touch the pot of gold. 

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