Well, Ambrose finished reading my draft in record time. I was kind of hoping he’d take longer, but it’s good. His finishing pushes me to keep on with what I need to do. I’m in the midst of one of the hardest parts – picking the pictures! 

I take way more pictures than I could possibly use in any of my books when I hike. Heck, I even take tons of photos when I’m not planning on writing a book. The pictures help me remember the trip, and I do write-ups of nearly all my trips anyway. 

For this book, the challenge of choosing photos is compounded by the fact that I also have Bill’s photos to look through as well as Ambrose’s. They don’t take nearly as many photos as I do out there, but they have one advantage that I definitely want to take advantage of – their photos are much more likely to have me in the frame 😉 

Well, Bill’s more than Ambrose, just because Ambrose took so few pictures. Although I did bug him on the last night to take pictures of me pitching the tent. I know I’ll use one or two of those, since that’s an activity that I haven’t gotten to record like that in past in my books. 

I probably won’t be getting the book out until after the new year, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes. I’ll be closer to December than I was with last year’s, that’s for sure. And the second book for this past season will definitely be later. I’m aiming for no later than March for that one, which should be doable since it will be a short one. 

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