Ever since Ambrose bought us a website, back in like, um, 2020, I’ve been meaning to move my blogging from blogger over to here. It’s taken me a while to actually get it done. Perhaps due to a fundamental laziness. Or just that I had other things on my mind. In any event, this is the first blog on the new site, and I am excited.

There is value in having one’s own space on the web. I don’t need to worry about Blogger policies affecting anything that I do, or whether Blogger will continue to be offered by Google. But the real test is going to be how well this platform handles images. Blogger had gotten so annoying that I changed my whole pattern of blogging about my backpacking and hiking adventures. See, it used to allow me to upload a set of photos, say 20 to 30, and then I could insert them one by one. This allowed me to intersperse the photos easily among the text. Then some update came along and after I uploaded photos, any that I didn’t immediately select and place would get cleared and I’d have to upload them again.

This really worked against my process, because I like to select all the pictures first – that’s 20 to 30 out of 100 or more photos. I don’t want to be going back and forth so much. That level of effort is reserved for my books!

At a quick glance, WordPress will either allow me to upload one image at a time – not my favorite way to do things – or I can upload multiple images into a gallery widget. That’s the not the way that I’m used to doing things, but I think I might be able to take advantage of that. It would allow me to add more photos with less captions. I’ll have to go on a hike and take photos to test out the hypothesis. But that will be over on The Gym to the Mountain blog.

Whenever I get around to doing it 🙂

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