I need to get back into running. I haven’t been running for more than a month, and I’m kind of dreading how much my iliotibial bands are going to hurt when I start up again. 

I’m going to need to ease myself back into it. Start with some one mile runs to remind my body what running is and how to do it. Then get back to my two milers that I like to do on weekdays. And even though I want to jump right up to a 5 mile run on a weekend, I’ll stick with stretching the two to three and the three to four first. 

If the weather cooperates, then I’ll get started this Thursday. Then I can pick between Saturday and Sunday for another one. I’d have time on Monday as well since that’s a day off of work, but I don’t want to run two days in a row, and Tuesday is one of my designated run days. 

I probably would have run yesterday, but I had an all morning meeting at work so that did NOT happen. I did do a couple of tabatas, because I had trouble falling asleep on Monday night and I knew I needed some exercise (I hadn’t worked out since 1/2 until I did those because of another dang cold).  

Usually, when I go too long without running (or backpacking), my right leg will start aching. It hasn’t started doing that yet, and I think that is due to my change to natural footwear. Maybe, eventually, wearing this kind of footwear will reduce or even eliminate the IT band issue altogether. That would be nice! 

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