Now that I have the paper copies of my book in hand, I really have to get to work on my next projects before my husband gets too grumpy.

And I think I’ve got a handle on what kind of tone I want to use for the guidebooks, so it’s really just a matter of getting the butt in seat time. I should have some time over the Thanksgiving break to do that – if I make the time and take the time.

On a completely different note – and you should stop here if you want to avoid pictures of spiders – this weekend, I saw the weirdest looking spider on one of the bicycles under our apartment stairs. It was big and globular and orange and I had to take pictures and figure out what it was. Turns out it is known as a jewel spider or cat-faced spider, and is only very slightly venomous. Based on the way it hasn’t moved for the past five days, I’m pretty sure this one is completely harmless due to death.

It’s not tarantula big, but it’s pretty big, hanging out on the end of a set of handlebars (not my bike). 

I don’t really see the “cat-faced” aspect of it, even with a closeup. 

Maybe a little cat-faced from this angle where the knobs look like cat ears. 

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