My ankle injury at the end of July messed up our backpacking schedule. We ended up skipping the planned trip to Plummer and didn’t take a trip over the Labor Day weekend. Instead, in mid-September, we had one last hurrah trip out to 6125, an unnamed peak off of Sheep Creek off of Middlefork Road just past Twin Springs, ID.

We hiked out in the early evening. I got off work two hours early so we wouldn’t have to hike out in the dark.

The trail starts out pretty rocky, but my ankle was feeling alright. 

The hot spring below the trail looked pretty good from this height.
Scattered clouds threatened rain and gave the light of the setting sun a wonderful golden cast.

I felt pretty good walking ahead of Ambrose.

This is the way it should be – him behind me on the trail, bringing up the rear. That’s just the way of things 🙂

Time to hike up Sheep Creek, now that we’ve elevated sufficiently above the water.

The trail is pretty flat from here, until we get to the point to go down and cross the creek.

Looking back at the road – Ambrose isn’t even in sight!

I love the light here, and the darkness to the left where storm clouds are gathering.

Almost there – that little line of trees is where the trail splits.

Seems like the trail received some maintenance since the last time I hiked it. It’s smoother and not quite as steep.

But there’s still some steepness to it.

Here’s the junction!

And here’s the campsite – with a new fire ring since last year. It’s a good thing we’re not lighting a fire, because the best place for the tent is right next to that new ring.

Ambrose made good time, he wasn’t very far behind me at all. 

We got down to the business of setting up camp and finishing any dinner that we felt like eating. We needed a good amount of calories for the night was going to be cold – though not freezing.

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