For just a short while yesterday, snow fell. It was beautiful. Big, fat, white flakes drifting down to gently blanket the grass, the sidewalk and the street. Frosting every surface with a sparkling layer of ice. I was glad to catch it, because, as is typical in Boise, the snow did not last. 

No, we only got 20, maybe 30 minutes of snowfall. And then it turned to rain, and all the snow melted away in just moments. 

I do miss having snow fall and stick around. We don’t get that often in Boise. And it’s nice not to have to deal with snow on the ground, especially since the city doesn’t budget for cleaning up a lot of snow. But maybe this year I’ll get out to the ski basin a bit more, or at least the mountains in general and get me a snow fix. Because I’ve got a vehicle that should be able to handle those roads now, hurray! 

It’s snowing!

And now it’s raining 🙁

I do hope we get at least one nice snowy day this winter, like we did last winter. It’s nice to be able to walk out the door and into thick, squeaky snow and play a bit. 

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