Last week, I managed to get to CrossFit every weekday, got 3 runs in totally 10 miles and commuted by bike to work all 3 days that I go into the office. I’ve started out this week on track to keep up the same activity level, though with it getting colder the bike commutes might be stopping. 

It’s really all about getting into a routine, especially for the 5 am CrossFit classes. If I just don’t give myself any spare time to think about what I’m doing, it’s pretty easy to get dressed and drive out. If I’m feeling like I’ll have a hard time in the morning, I’ll put my clothes out the night before. When the alarm goes off and I don’t want to get up, I just put my mind into the track: ankle alphabet, then restroom, then get dressed, drink a yogurt drink and then it’s pretty much time to go. I suppose I could get up earlier, but that just gives me more time to procrastinate and change my mind about leaving the house. 
This morning, since it was in the 20’s, I spoiled myself by using the remote start option for my car. It was magical! It won’t automatically turn seat heat on, but I leave it on if I know my husband will not be driving before I will. It wasn’t really warm, because I didn’t start it early enough, but just being warmer than the ambient temperature was nice. I didn’t sit down and start shivering, so I’ll call that a win. 
This weekend I’ll have a bit of disruption to my schedule; I’m not likely to make 5 CrossFit classes next week because of the holiday. The bigger issue was that I can’t do a long run on Sunday, but then I remembered I have all day Thursday to get a long run in. Totally doable. 
Overall, I’m liking this level of activity. I’m getting pretty good sleep, and the soreness is there, but not overwhelming. I’m trying to push hard enough to improve at CrossFit without overdoing things; it’s a fine balance. I want to keep up a high level of activity like this throughout the off season so that I’m ready for a great backpacking season once the weather turns to summer. I’m hoping to get my long runs to 10 miles by April. 
And for now, I’m on track for that. 

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