Good morning, eclipse day!

We took the trekking poles off the tent and weighted it down with rocks so both Ambrose and I could have poles for the short hike. Also, we left my pack behind. Ambrose carried all our day hike gear. 

Yet more fallen trees to step over and around. 

Some folks Ambrose met through on online backpacking forum hiking ahead of us. 

They split off to go to the lake at 8696, while Ambrose and I compromised and went to the bowl near the next crossing of the Queens River. He wanted to stay at the tent because of my ankle, but I insisted that this short hike would be fine.

And so we settled in to watch the eclipse with this vista spread before us.

And Mount Everly. 

This is the opposite direction view from Mount Everly. We sat near the middle of those rocks in the foreground.

We did not cross the Queens River here, but I did use the cold water to soak my ankle while we waited for the eclipse to start. That water is very, very cold, let me tell you. 

Ambrose checking out the progress of the moon’s occlusion of the sun. 

Who scheduled this sunset for before noon?

My camera (or my skill with it) was not up to the task of taking a quality photo of the eclipse. This shot was taken during totality. Mount Everly is in the frame, and the little white streak just to the left of the peak is a prop plane that was flying around during totality – our only company for the event.

Zooming in gave a slightly better impression of the eclipse (and the prop plane). 

We were there! And I was wearing both my rain jacket and my down vest, because it did get quite chilly. 

Hiking back to camp. 

The only crossing of the Queens that we had to do was a rock hop. 

We spent the rest of the day chilling out and talking with our neighbors across the river. 

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