There has been progress on my writing of a Queens River Loop guide book, but not as much as there could be. I’ve been sick – again! – and there have been some other stresses going on as well. But writing is fun, and I’m working on getting my butt into the writing chair.

I’m going to start the 100 words a day minimum challenge again that got me through the last guide book. It is such a low bar that it’s easy to surpass it on days when I’m feeling good and easy to reach on days when I just want to collapse into bed instead of writing anymore.

Plus, I need to start spending a little more time on preparing for my solo hike. The plan is to go at the end of April/beginning of May, but that isn’t going to happen unless temperatures start warming up around here. Most of this year’s segment will be in the desert, and I don’t anticipate any issues with access, but the last 20 or so miles (of 70-ish) will be getting up over 7000 feet and is currently under snow according to the forest service. Plus creek crossings are running high.

My husband and I will be doing a scouting trip later in the month to see if the conditions warrant pushing the trip back. This is a tricky little segment to time.

But even with looking up information on the trail and reviewing the maps and my supplies, I should be able to carve out 100 words per day on the guide until I finish it up. We don’t have a Queens River trip scheduled this year, but maybe we can get out for a wham-bam long weekend somewhere in the summer or early fall. Once I get the guide up, I want to keep it up to date.

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