I’ve been trying to figure out ways to relieve stress, because when I get stressed my shoulders get tight, and when my shoulders get tight I tend to get headaches. The headaches hurt really bad and annoy my husband because he can’t do anything to fix them (and also I get cranky).

So I’ve been getting regular massages. I’ve been doing yoga, even though I don’t really like yoga. I’ve taken hot baths and spent time using fancy soaps. But yesterday, I found something that I need to keep in mind for next time I’m feeling extra stressed out.

Yesterday, I went to the library, because I thought my card was inactivated. There was a line at the counter when I came in, so I spent some time browsing. I breathed deeply of that lovely old book smell and tension just melted away.

Turns out my library card was fine. The email sent, that I didn’t get a reply for, eventually did the trick. The lady at the desk told me I should get the libby app for accessing ebooks from the library. I went back to browsing and checked out a couple books. I could have stayed longer, but I was getting hungry for dinner.

I just need to remember not to underestimate the soothing power of the library.

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