I’ve been blogging for many years now. 10 years on my current blogs, as of this month in fact. During the first years of this blog’s existence, I didn’t really have a system for posting. I just posted what I wanted to when I wanted to. But at one point, I decided, after letting the blog sit idle for too long, to do a post every week. 

When I split my blog into two parts, one for backpacking and exercise and one for more personal topics, I did it so that I could refer folks I work with to my backpacking blogs without subjecting them to my other topics. It made sense at the time, and I liked the challenge of coming up with not one, but two posts each week.

But now, I’ve moved to a new platform. I’m on my own website, and there’s going to be work to keep it up. I’m experimenting with creating videos, which will also take time away from blogging. I’m almost done with my Hike with Me book for the season, but I want to then move on to working on my self help book idea before the backpacking season begins.

And so, I’m going to simplify my life a bit. Rather than continuing with my two blogs per week, I’m going to demand only one post per week on either main topic.

I might do bonus posts along the way, but for the most part, it will just be the one each week, Wednesdays at 8 am. I can still refer folks to a link that will just display the backpacking/exercise blog entries if I don’t want to directly point them to my opinion pieces. Maybe I’ll get bored with only a single blog post to write each week, but I think the other activities that I’m starting to bring on board will keep me well occupied. I’m trying to put together another video before the end of the month, as well as publishing Hike with Me: Idaho Centennial Trail Moose Creek. Doable, if I can get the last review steps done soon.

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