Sunrise as I hit the trail for day 2.  
The scenery consisted of a lot of flat seeming vistas, rough dirt roads and scrub. 

A certain sign that I wasn’t the only one using this trail. 

Chains! What a refreshing change from the traditional squeezy wire. 

The trail signs helped keep me on track. 

Always take time for breaks. 

Bengoechea Cabin – not quite what I was expecting from the label on the map. 

A little rutting on the road for variation. 

The landscape wasn’t flat after all!

I spy with my 30x digital zoom a car and a tent waiting for me. 

Clover Creek was flowing high and fast enough for me to be quite grateful for the bridge. 

I didn’t stop to get water, because I knew the car was close. 

So excited to make it! I forgot to stop my chronometer, I was so busy crowing about hiking 50 miles in 2 days. 

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