Last weekend, I went on a backpacking trip to do trail work with the Idaho Trails Association. During that trip, I came up with two little song-y things. One of them was inspired by another of the women on the trip, and the other just came into my head as we were working. And on the last night, I did share my bear song, though my voice totally cracked on it. I need to practice it a lot more so I can be performance ready. 

So the first one came about from the words “lopping and chopping” swimming through my head. They made such a nice rhythm and fit right into an old song, ‘Wishin’ and Hopin” by Dusty Springfield. Now, I didn’t remember exactly how that song went, but I fit a few things into the shape that I remembered and ended up with: 

We’re loppin’ and choppin’ and brushin’ and treadin’ 
And sawin’ and after we’re through
The trail is clear
You know you’ve got to saw with technique
Let the blade do most of the work
You know there’s just no need to use much force
You will get through
Working in a rhythm
Drawin’ and a pullin’
Because we’re diggin’ and gradin’ and cuttin’ and drainin’ 
And limbin’ and after we’re through
The trail is clear

I might work that one into fitting more of the actual lyrics and song, rather than just what I remembered out there. Especially if I can come up with some more tool/task specific things like with the saw. After I shared that little snippet, one of the other women said I should come up with something matching the 7 dwarves song, “Heigh Ho”. After a little noodling and hiking, I came up with just a snip: 

Heigh ho heigh ho
WOW ITA we go
To clear some trails
And take no males
Heigh ho heigh ho heigh ho heigh ho

That one I may or may not return to. I might not have even shared it on the trail, but that little bit made me laugh so hard I had to share. (Note: WOW ITA is sung “wow eye-tee-ay” for this song, and stands for Women’s Only Weekend, Idaho Trails Association.)

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