I was just starting to feel better last weekend. I think I went a whole two days without taking any cold medicine. But I could still feel the crud in my lungs when I exercised – or even when I cleaned the bathtub. And a massive headache decided to pay me a visit.

I’m not sure what the headache is from, but it is definitely centered on the left side and radiating from my temple to my neck to my shoulder all the way down my arm. It is not pleasant.

Usually when I get one of these kinds of headaches, I try to relax and get a good night’s sleep and it goes away the next morning.

Not this time.

The headache was just as bad in the morning. So I went to my next potential solution: hard exercise. I went and worked out to the point of dripping with sweat (crossfit does that to me). The headache changed a bit post-workout, but didn’t go away.

Next, a bath. Which meant I needed to scrub the bathtub because my husband and I aren’t the best housekeepers. So that’s how I found out that leaning over the tub to scrub moved the crud in my lungs and gave me bouts of coughing. But it was worth it to get a nice hot bath.

The hot bath did not cure my headache. But it was quite pleasant and relaxing.

I was really hoping it would be gone after another night’s sleep, but no such luck. It continued to torment me at work on Monday, to the point where the fluorescent lighting was making my eyelids twitch.

Tuesday morning, it wasn’t quite as bad, but it was still hanging out behind my eyes and temples. I got a massage last night, and got my shoulder really worked on, as well as my neck, but the headache is still clinging. And I could feel little spikes of pain dancing down from my shoulder down to my elbow when I rode my bike home afterwards.

It might be the inversion causing me trouble. When the air is all trapped in the valley like this the quality can get pretty bad. I’m really hoping for a good snowstorm, just for a change of pace. The layer of clouds seem to be waiting for something, just like I’m waiting for this headache to give up and leave me in peace.

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