Smoke woke me up on this day. I kept an eye out for fire.

First crossing of the Boise River was a bit early in the day for my tastes.

The second crossing was a bit scary with the speed of the water.

This rock was a perfect couch to put boots back on after yet another crossing.

The smoke conceals far off mountains.

Flat wooden bridges protected my boots from mud and the bog from my boots.

One last climb before the alpine lake section of my day.

Spangle Lake – the view a bit spoiled by smoke.

The trail was below the level of Spangle Lake.

Spangle Lake from where the trail began to climb above it.

Benedict Peak.

I believe that’s Mount Everly, from the other side than the one I usually see it.

This was not my best pitch, but it got me through a very cold night.

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