While I have moved out of Boise, I haven’t completely detached myself from the city. I still work there, technically.

My job has allowed me to go fully remote out here, but every few months there will be a meeting in Boise that I’m expected to attend in person. One such of those happened mid-August, and, looking back on it, I think it was making me nervous.

I got back from the Washington Coast on July 23rd, and was back to work the next day. Ideally, I’d have another day or two before getting back to the grind, but that’s how it ended up being scheduled. And from that point to just about last week, I felt high strung, nervous, and hardly able to concentrate at work.

I didn’t know why I was feeling that way until after I got back from my mandatory Boise visit. The work meeting involved a lot of socialization, which is draining for me. But other than the people overload, I started feeling a lot calmer and more able to focus on work once the trip to Boise was no longer looming over me.

Of course, it’s only one incident. That’s not a pattern. But we did nearly get run over by a truck on the way home from Boise, so maybe being nervous about going there isn’t entirely uncalled for. Yes, we. I convinced my husband to accompany me on this trip, with the understanding that next time I’ll be going on my own. He doesn’t want to go to the “big city” any more than I do, and he isn’t required.

That next meeting is going to be in November. I’ll be interested to see if I start getting unusually agitated or nervous as that approaches, but I’m hoping this was more of a first-time nervousness. It should be easier the second time in November, though there may be more weather related challenges. I’m not sure exactly how the winter is going to go out here, and that is exciting.

I’m told there will be more snow than there is in Boise, but how much more? And when will it start to fall? When will it start to stick? I can’t wait to see the turning of the seasons on my land, and begin to learn what is normal out here. The hardware store recommended that we get at least one snow shovel, if not two like most folks have.

At least I’ll be unlikely to run into much snow in Boise proper; it will just be a matter of getting myself out of Cambridge, and back in again the next day.

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