My writing is moving along nicely. I started out with a 500 words per day requirement to just get me into the chair and writing. As I hoped, getting my butt into the chair has resulted in more than the minimum the longer I keep up the streak. I think I’m ready to start making my minimum daily word count 1000, which should speed the process along even more, as I start to exceed that goal. 

It’s funny; when I started focusing on the writing, 500 words was hard. I would write a bit, check my count and find I wasn’t even halfway there. Tuesday morning, I wrote a bit, then did my check and found I’d already exceeded 500 words. 

I think I prefer writing the Hike with Me books after the end of the season in part because it allows me to relive the trips just when I’m really starting to miss backpacking. Though I did like having the write-up done earlier the one year that I did my ICT hike in May and finished the write-up before July. Of course, I did two other books that year, so I was still writing in October and November. 

It’s so much fun to look back over all my pictures and recall the scents and the feel of the breezes. How hot it was in the afternoons, and how cold in the mornings. The trip went exactly according to plan, and that was such a relief after my last few attempts at the Frank. 

I’m hoping to finish my write-up of both this trip and the second ICT hike that I did later in August before November 19th, but it will all depend on how long each one ends up being. I expect the second one will be a lot shorter simply because I was only hiking for two days, due to fire closures, but I’m not sure how many more words I’ll need for the first one. 

However many it takes 🙂 

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