I have not been writing fiction during this pandemic. I’ve been thinking about writing fiction. And thinking up stories. But I haven’t been writing. I can’t seem to get my mind into fiction writing mode. Or I’m not trying hard enough to do that.

I am writing, after all, I’m keeping up with my blogs, but I want to refocus on writing fiction, and I’ve found a really good way to do that. I took advantage of WMG Publishing’s pandemic discount and signed up for a writing workshop that starts next week. I’ve done one of them before, and I believe it really helped me improve my writing. Regular price is $300, so I had to figure out how to budget for that before I could do it. But half off? Done.

The first workshop I took was called Depth, and it helped me see a dimension of writing that I had not been consistent in, not having full awareness of it. The one I’m taking next is called Endings, because if there’s one thing I struggle with most in writing short stories, it’s ending them. I often feel like I don’t know if I’ve reached the end or not.

Doing the workshop will help me get excited about writing and force me to actually do some with the assignments. I’ll have some real deadlines to get my butt in the chair, so to speak, and I’m looking forward to that.

Writing might turn out to be an important income stream some time in the future; if I can build on what I already have published, then I have more work out there that has the potential to bring in my money. What I should be doing in this time that I’m not writing is getting organized. A proper inventory would be a good start…

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