On May 16th I was finally able to play with a barbell again, after a hiatus of nearly 2 months.

It. Felt. So. Good!

Now, I don’t, of course, mean actual play. I take weightlifting as serious work with potential for injury. And that’s why I kept my weights light and focused on quality form for my first CrossFit class since March 20th.

I had known that Arbor would be moving locations since last December, but no one ever expected the move to be complicated by a pandemic. I thought the transition from being able to walk to my box in less than 5 minutes would be starkly contrasted with having to drive 5 minutes to get there. Instead, I transitioned from the walk to working out at home and now I would drive a lot longer than 5 minutes to get there if needed.

I felt like my workouts over the at home period were consistent and that I was able to push myself with body weight exercises. It’s likely that I’ve lost some strength over this stretch, but on the aerobic side I think I’m doing a bit better than before the shutdown – though part of that is due to timing since I also started running regularly again at the beginning of the closures.

Even feeling that way, I was surprised at how rowing felt after the break. Not only was I comfortable at about the same pace I had been comfortable with before, but I could feel more how my whole body can work together on that machine. I felt my hip flexors when I extended. I could see how I could increase my speed simply by focusing on keeping my low back engaged.

The other movements for this first workout were cleans and shoulder to overhead. I was doing the fitness workout, so I chose to do squat cleans to work on that form, and strict press since I was only lifting 45 pounds. 3 reps of each, so I probably could have gone a little heavier, but the last thing I want to do is injure myself at this point. I’ll be easing myself back into the heavy weights and gymnastic movements, though I don’t doubt that I’ll be tearing up my hands a bit as they get used to bars again.

Still, I’m excited at the prospect of building up my calluses again and being able to see my favorite CrossFit people in person (even if at a 6 foot distance) and not over Zoom.

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