I’m finally starting to not feel sick. It feels like I’ve been under a cloud of vague illness since early December – and that was after I had some bouts of illness in both October and November. I guess moving to a new place means exposure to new varieties of bacteria and viruses… I’m hopeful that next year will not bring any illnesses at this kind of intensity. Or duration. I guess I’d prefer something short and intense than the very long stuff that I’ve been going through.

Even with not feeling anywhere close to 100%, I have continued to do the Move U exercises for at least 15 minutes each day. If I were being scrupulously honest, I do the movements way more than 15 minutes each day. I find myself working on posture throughout the day, as I sit, walk, and stand. I’ve recently realized that I have an old habit of leaning against things when I’m standing next to them. Because if I didn’t lean, then I’d start swaying, because I was standing without utilizing my glutes. Now that I am using those glutes, I don’t need to lean against the counter when I’m at the sink, but the habit remains. I can feel new callouses on the outsides of my feet that come from pushing my whole foot into the ground instead of having a slight inward rotation that almost let my pinkie toes float.

I’m going to be taking new posture pictures on Friday, which will be day 61, assuming that I don’t miss today or tomorrow. I have recorded some videos of myself to analyze how I’m doing with the movements, but I haven’t yet posted any of those to the community. Partly because I don’t feel like I’m struggling to do the movements correctly, and partly out of pure self consciousness. I don’t know why it’s easier for me to post the static posture photos, but it is. I’ll post a video eventually… I should probably do one before I feel like I need help on a movement – get it over with and it will be easier each subsequent time. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

There is still snow on the ground, despite the rain we’ve been experiencing since about Saturday. It’s better than it was in Boise, in my opinion, because I have a much better “yard” than I ever did in Boise. No one is walking around my yard except for me and my husband, so there are still large snowy expanses that I can admire from the comfort of my home. Might be more snow coming today, but the temps are staying in that melty range. I’d rather everything stay cold and frozen – as long as I don’t have to drive anywhere, which I mostly don’t. Ambrose and I agree; if it’s going to be cold, then there should be snow in compensation.

I’m nearly finished with a class that I’ve been co-teaching at work. It’s been quite an adventure, and I’ve learned a lot, but I’ll be glad not to have it as a responsibility anymore. For a while, at least, because we do intend to offer it again next year, and maybe this fall as well, though in a different format. We learned a lot about how we might want to update and change how we present our topics, and also split the course up to make it more affordable for our target population. It’s been a good experience overall.

I decided to let my hair be a bit longer at the Upper Country Singers concert, but I’m now regretting that I didn’t get it cut right before. Because after, I got sick, and I’m the kind of person who isn’t going to go to the stylist when I’m sick. I know my stylist has young kids, and I don’t want to be the cause of mom getting sick. (Or, worse yet, pick up new germs in my weakened state.) But I’ve finally got myself an appointment for next week, which is good, because I’m very close to cutting it myself. Especially the ducktail in the back! It’s so loooooong (it’s like 3 inches long).

I finished putting the Coast videos up on YouTube, and I’ve finished writing up the blogs for it. Next up is the Hells Canyon trip from last April; I’ve got videos and pictures to put together for that. And then I’m going to figure out what’s next. Do I finish up my monster book or write up the ICT trip that I took this last summer? I mean, both have got to be done, but which first? I might try a nontraditional kind of Hike With Me… no pictures in the book itself, just writing. Include a link to the blog with pictures from the trip for folks to check out… Because it’s not a full ICT segment, and I’m likely going to have do to it over. So it’s not part of the proper Hike with Me series, but it felt so impactful, I want to write it up.

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