What a crazy week. I’ve been short staffed at work since February, and while the position is now filled, that brings a different kind of challenge. It’s a good challenge, but it still takes a good deal of energy from me. I went to sleep by 7:30 pm on Sunday and Monday, and early last night though not quite that early. I’m simultaneously looking forward to and dreading a trip that I’m taking for work next week to a conference. It will be a whirlwind that will also require a lot of energy.

But I’m going backpacking this weekend. And that is my happy place. I know a big part of my tiredness this week has been my period, and I think that spending a night outside at elevation, and then hiking to a mountain top, will give me what I need to get through a conference and spend time in a big city. I mean, it’s going to be fun, but also exhausting.

And that’s about all I have the energy for today!

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