The election is over but for the shouting. 

I’m relieved at the result, but also aghast at the number of people who thought that the incumbent deserved a second term, especially after the non-handling of the pandemic. 

I had an IBS flare up that coincided with my period and the election, and it’s been slow to clear. 

On Sunday, I felt awful all day even though I wasn’t exactly experiencing tummy issues. The tummy was there and hurting, but it wasn’t the part that made it hard for me to write. My arms had trouble. Kind of. It’s hard to describe. 

Sitting up and typing made my tummy feel worse. Lying down and typing was difficult because my arms kept losing tension. I typed a bit and then my arms would just be like, naw, give us a break and I’d let them go to my sides for a bit and then type again. 

Even if I propped my arms up so they weren’t holding my hands in place, it was like just the typing itself was doing something that made it hard for me to hold them at the keyboard with sufficient tension to type. 

Am I just unused to being so unclenched? Have I been so tense over the last four years that the relief is affecting my physically in unexpected ways? Or is something wrong? 

My husband made chicken wings with bulgogi sauce over the weekend. I couldn’t eat them on Friday or Saturday because I was doing a liquid diet to try and clear out the IBS attack. But on Sunday, I ate them, and they were so incredible that I cried after the first bite. He has set himself a high bar for Thanksgiving when he plans to give the same treatment to some Cornish hens. I look forward to the experiment, but have warned him about the height of that bar. 

I feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

Like something’s wrong and I just don’t know what it is yet. 

I just have to focus on not giving into that kind of despair. Focus on something else. I’ve set some high bars for exercise this month, and so far I’m meeting my goals, even though another cold set in. 

It snowed over the weekend, and I do love me some snow. 

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