There’s going to be a preseason hockey game in Boise for the first time in many years. There was supposed to be one a few years ago, but that was the 2014-2015 season, aka the lockout shortened season. That game never got played. But I thought, just maybe, we could get tickets and go see NHL players, even if the big names probably wouldn’t take the ice. 

However, I was not the only person in Boise with this idea. Tickets sold out so fast, I never even got past the waiting room before they were gone. I guess I’ll just have to travel if I want to see an NHL game. Maybe someday I’ll get to see one of Boise’s “local” teams (at least according to regional sports networks), like Seattle, Colorado or Las Vegas. 
I’ve been playing the game Dead Cells a lot lately. It’s a roguelike game, which means that if you die, you start all over. The game doesn’t take that long to complete, even with my style of “must kill everything” which takes longer. It’s got an interesting, new-to-me, system of difficulty. Essentially, you can’t really finish the game until you play it on the hardest (of 6) levels. 
For a while, I thought I wouldn’t ever make it past the 3rd level (called 2 boss stem cell), but then I did. And then I wanted to complete a puzzle that required taking a specific route through the game and finding hidden areas in specific dungeons. I got through that, and now I’m thinking, well, maybe I can beat the final boss with 3 boss stem cells activated. 
But the last time I tried, on what was otherwise a very good run, I just couldn’t get the final boss. Yeah, I’ll probably keep playing the game until it leaves Xbox Game Pass. 
When this blog goes live, I’ll be out in the wilderness. If the trip goes to plan, I should be at the Moose Creek Air Strip, or getting real close. As I write this, I’m so looking forward to being out there. I’ve got a headache from letting things at work stress me out a bit too much. I need to do some hiring and there’s an awful project I’m involved in because I’m the only one with the expertise to get it done. Or that’s how it feels. 
Being out in the woods should let me re-center myself. To remember that nothing at my work is actually life and death. To remember that I am not my work. 

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