I’ve got the pictures and captions all done. Ambrose was very kind to review them quickly, and he did catch a few typos. Also, we had to research some pronoun usage, because our brains wanted to say “a picture of Ambrose and I” but since ‘I’ is following ‘of’ it really should be “a picture of Ambrose and me.” Easier to realize once you try one at a time (of Ambrose = good, of me = good, of I = nope). 

I had reached out to Bill regarding the finish of two the pictures, because he knows more people who know botany than I do. It actually took him a while, and several sources, but he totally came through, identifying a Syringa that flummoxed others because it was past the peak of its bloom, and a Mountain Hollyhock. I was able to identify a couple other flowers by myself, but it was great to get that assist. 

I’ve got the headers next on my list, but I’m going to skip them in favor of getting the bulk of the large print manuscript ready to go. That way I can send it to Bill for approval while I work on the headers. Since Bill was on the trip, I plan to request that he review the manuscript with veto power for any part he would prefer I not include. If he wants to check for typos too, I won’t say no. 

I’m not going as quickly on this book as I would have liked, but it will get there. And I think I’ll be able to move faster on the next one. I better, because it’s going to be backpacking season again before I know it. One thing that will help is the Christmas present from my husband, a Surface Book 3. I’m even writing this blog on it, and even though the keyboard isn’t ergonomic butterfly style like the one I use at work, I’m finding it very easy to type on. Plus, I get to sit on the couch. Bonus. 

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