And I’ve started off the new year with no exercise whatsoever, because this cold is dragging along. Last week, we had some lovely snow, but I didn’t go hiking in it, again, because being sick. I am officially sick of being sick, but I actually got worse yesterday after starting to recover on Monday. 

Once I’m feeling better, I do plan to get back on track with my 10 miles of running per week and 5 days of CrossFit per week. For now, it’s all about being patient and getting well. 

I just hate having to be patient while my immune system figures out how to flush whatever it is I’m fighting. I don’t think it’s Covid, but from what I’ve read about the Omicron variant, that is a possibility. If not the initial cold, then perhaps I managed to pick up Omicron while already ill. I probably won’t be testing, but I’ll continue to avoid people, because even if this isn’t Covid, I don’t wish it on anyone else. 

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