I’m going to be doing some traveling this week, and so I decided to take a break in my pull up workout.

This is the 16th week of my re-started pull up workout. I started back in May, managed nearly 15 weeks of solid work and then had some vacation and illness issues. I stopped for about 6 weeks before restarting.

And, after 15 more weeks of work and some weight loss, I’m close. I can almost taste that bar. I can get my chin over the bar by using the smallest of kips to get my elbows sharply bent and I can bend my arms from a dead hang, but not quite complete the motion. I just need to put those pieces together. And they are close.

Taking a break from the pull up workout makes sense with my travel schedule, but I also think that the rest might help me come back fresher. Although, I’m still doing the tabata challenge, so I won’t be entirely resting. I even plan on doing some tabatas at the airport. I think chair triceps dips will work, and then maybe carry-on bag weighted walking lunges if nothing else strikes my fancy.

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