Today is my 179th day in a row of doing MoveU movements for at least 15 minutes a day. If I manage tomorrow, that will be two 90 day segments that I’ve completed without a break, and I honestly don’t see myself breaking anytime soon.

I originally planned to stop going through new programs after I finished all the Level 1 programs, but then I got to that end and decided to go ahead and start Level 2 Back and Core. I was excited to learn more new movements, because it seemed like every little exercise that I’d learned through all the Level 1 programs had it’s own piece to contribute to my body. Plus, the Level 2 programs bring in more strength exercises, like the resisted cat. And I want to strengthen my body.

But I’m not doing it quite the same way as I did the Level 1 programs. I’m being a bit more forgiving of myself when it comes to timing. When I was working through the Level 1’s, I had a pretty strict schedule. Seven days to get the week done, which is 5 days of exercises from the manual, 1 day of review work and/or breath work, and 1 day of going over the new movements with the videos and practicing. I call that last one vids & play on my notes (of course, I keep notes on what I do for each day).

One of the first things on Level 2 of Back and Core is decompressed breathing. It’s a specific way of bracing the core, and part of the idea is to inhale, brace, and then exhale while performing a movement, holding that brace. I’ve been applying that to building up my pullup strength again, nice and slowly, with good form. And I can already feel my pullups getting easier.

Almost by accident, I did a couple of days of review movements over the weekend instead of the workouts. But, happily, this allowed me to shift my schedule’s days of the week. I am planning on doing a lot of hiking on the weekends now that the weather is nice, so now I’ve got my 5 days of exercises from the manual set for Monday through Friday with 15 minutes of review movements scheduled for the weekend days. I’ll be testing this idea this weekend as my husband and I go camping for Memorial Day weekend.

Since the trip will be car camping, I have downloaded some Level 1 full body workouts to follow along with out there. On backpacking days, I’ll just try to carve out 15 minutes for movements, but I should be able to find an hour or so for these workouts over this weekend. I’m definitely going to keep my streak going for as long as I can, because streaks build their own momentum. The more I go, the more I want to go.

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