I’ve been avoiding solid food in the morning for about two months, and I’m finally back to feeling comfortable with reintroducing it. Not exclusively, but as an adjunct to the meal shake I’ve been drinking. I’m not sure if this change means that I’m experiencing a dip in IBS symptoms or if I’ve figured something out.

I had good results back in October with doing liquid breakfast for two weeks, and then I went right back to normal food because I was vacationing. And after the vacation, I didn’t know what to do. Having a meal shake for breakfast makes me feel like I’m ill. I don’t like it. I should be able to eat whatever for breakfast. Cereal. Sausage. Fruit. So drinking a meal shake is like admitting that this IBS stuff is real and something I actually have to deal with.

I really hope the pain I was feeling yesterday in my abdomen was not a result of reintroducing solid food at breakfast. I don’t think it was, because I had some of it Monday as well, and I didn’t start with the solid food until Tuesday. But the pain seems to get worse when I’m being active. Riding my bike home from work last night gave me little jolts of pain with each cycle of the pedals.

If the pain continues, I’ll go back to liquid breakfast just to see if that helps, but I really hope I don’t have to. I enjoy having a bit of meat with breakfast. And, yes, okay, I enjoy my morning Spam 🙂

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